ATMS is an all-inclusive advanced stores and tooling management package, customisable to any businesses requirements, providing full item management with inventory control, purchasing, full audit trail and reporting capability.

ATMS can track the full life cycle of any item, be it a consumable or a durable, from the day it was purchased to the day it gets scrapped.

ATMS provides the user with the visibility over their stock they so desire, regardless of where the item is located, be it in a remote store or a vending machine, and can generate savings of at least 25% based on actual customer feedback.

ATMS provides full item management with inventory control, purchasing, full audit trail and reporting capability.

ATMS supports the full suite of store management functions including, issue, return, swap, reworking, scrap, stock adjustment, stock transfer, assembly and kit build and dismantle, goods received and goods returned.

ATMS gives the user the ability to track the location of any item to their user defined criteria; such as machine, job or user, and therefore provides total visibility for accurate and effective item analysis.

ATMS controls the full life cycle of any item, from the receiving of both new and reworked items, to the day the item gets scrapped, and any eventuality in between. This may be the rework cycle, recalibration or even the returning of incorrectly ordered or received items to suppliers.

ATMS comes with a comprehensive suite of user friendly standard and customisable reports. The reporting suite provides the user with the tools and power to accurately gain the visibility they so desire over their stores and tooling items, regardless of whether these items are in remote or multiple stores, or out on the shop floor in vending machines.

Custom reports can be automatically generated and electronically sent to any required recipient, in a many formats.

Using the ATMS purchasing module, internal requisitions can be raised and passed for senior level authorisation before being turned into purchase orders. These can be passed electronically to a business system or alternatively, ATMS can manage the whole purchasing process.
ATMS supports the following ordering methods:
  • Automatic
  • Manual
  • Blanket
  • Re-work

Purchase orders can be generated directly from ATMS by paper, fax, E-mail or EDI. The full reporting suite can then be used to analyse, track and trace the receiving and returning (to suppliers) of items in the purchase cycle, and also review and analyse purchase history data.

Using ATMS to control Individually Traceable Items (ITI’s) such as gauges, provides the user with visibility over which of these items require calibration and where these vital items are.

Use ATMS to issue and recall these items using six different recall criteria and the ability to set automated recall reports, providing full cost analysis and full control over these production critical items.

Build kits and kit lists (or bills of materials) in ATMS for easy control over tooling and item lists. Simplify the way in which BOM’s are searched for, issued, returned or items are ordered from the flexible Kit and Kit Lists screens.
  • Full control of stock in kits and kit lists
  • Issue and return by kits and kit lists
  • Explode the lists and print with barcodes
  • Full control of kit list spending by job, machine and user