Advanced Tool Management System (ATMS) utilises a Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server database. It is a powerful, scalable, tool management system suitable for small and large corporate users.

Its functionality extends from;

Managing your tooling database.

Facilitating a rationalised inventory of tooling and tool Assemblies.

Managing a tool stores, tracking valuable tools.

Automatic ordering (including EDI capability).

Interface with tool pre-setting machines.

Provides extensive management information in the battle to drive down costs.

Capability to interface with corporate business systems.

Key features

Integral Powerful search routine.

ATMS automatic number generator for Items, Kits and Assemblies (prefix alpha codes).

Quick Tool – tool centred approach to data and activity management.
All data and relevant activities accessible from one “Quick Tool” screen.

Hierarchical classification of Items, Assemblies and Kits.
Family and short search categories, each with 25 geometry fields – with user defined geometry labels.

Graphical (picture) family and short search code search routine.

Tool pre-set data management.

Manual and powerful automated ordering and purchase control module.

Customise your own purchase orders with your logo, etc.

Manage data for multiple suppliers and multiple prices for each supplier Item by Item.

Manage your tooling budgets within ATMS.

Associate text/document/graphics/video files to Items, Assemblies, and Kits.

View DXF files from within the application.

Transaction log – provides an audit trail, and extensive management reporting capability.

History collation for analysis.

Integrated management reporting.

Store cutting data (feeds and speeds, etc.) –

Make it job specific.

Potential for links to external technology databases, and applications.

Multi-level access control to application functionality. Protect your data!

Efficient and intuitive stores activity screens:-

Quickly switch between Issue / Return / Swap activities.

Swap routine reduces transaction time.

Integrated control, tracking of rework activities.

The powerful ATMS search routine is only 1 click away.

Build or dismantle tool Assemblies, and adjust stock quantities in 1 transaction.

Multi-Cell / multi-site management is practical and easy, facilitating independent or corporate purchasing.

Integration potential with your DNC system.

Integration potential with the unique Supply Point Systems dispensing machine.

Extra modules / interfaces can be purchased to link ATMS with your business system.