I – References – Suppliers

Suppliers #

Define here all suppliers that are relevant to your system requirements.

Supplier ID:
A unique alphanumeric identifier for each supplier.

Supplier Name:
A description used to further identify the supplier.

Image File:
Browse to an image type (e.g. Logo) that can help identify the supplier.

Enter the supplier address in up to 5 lines. This is the address that will be displayed on every purchase order for the corresponding supplier.

Name of the contact to be displayed on the purchase orders.

Configuring Electronic Ordering for a Supplier #

To email orders to Suppliers you have to set this up for each Supplier.

To do this, highlight the desired supplier from the list, click on the Edit button and select Configure > Electronic Ordering from the top menu. This will populate the tab.

Email Templates must be configured before performing this task. There is a shortcut to this from Configure > Email Templates. To learn how to set up Email Templates see the relevant section.

In this screen you can add one or more different Formats for your email, and each of them will use an Email Template, which contains the Supplier’s email and your email configuration.

To add a new email configuration for the Supplier select both the format of the email, and the email template to be used to send the order.
Select “Add” to add the configuration to the list.
To remove an existing configuration, simply highlight the details you wish to remove and select the “Remove” button.

More than one email Format can be defined for each Supplier. Just for the purpose of illustration, this example shows all the currently available Formats. Usually there will be only one Format in this window, related to one Email Template.