N – References – Preset, Budgets and Cost Centers

Table of Contents

Preset #

Preset Adaptors created in this section can be added to Machines and/or Machine Groups as additional information.

Budgets #

Budgets can be used as a way to control and limit your Purchasing costs.

The “Use Budgets” System Configuration flag under the PURCHASING section needs to be enabled if you want ATMS to decrement the Budget amounts every time an item is being purchased and warn you when the Budget limit has been reached.

Warnings will come up for Period amounts only. If no Periods are defined in the relevant References section, monthly periods are used by default.

Budgets can be assigned to Items and to ATMS Users. The “Use Login User Budget” System Configuration setting will specify which budget ATMS will take into account by default when an Item is being added to a Purchase Order.

Cost Centres #

Cost Centres created here can be assigned to Users, Jobs and Machines and can then be used as a grouping alternative in management reports.

Cost Centre costing reports can then be obtained using the Users, Jobs and Machine usage history.

Cost Centres are saved in the Transaction Log, so if a User for example changes Cost Centre, there is a record of his Cost Centre at the time of the transaction.