O – References – Materials and Rework

Table of Contents

Materials #

This sections allows the user to define components / jobs, or common materials (and colour code them) for use within the Cutting Conditions sections of the Item and Assembly definition forms.

The Cutting Conditions section of the definition screens allows the specification of cutting data (feed, speed, cut and tool life) associated to Items or Assemblies.

GRANMAX anticipate most users will choose to associate the Cutting Conditions data against a Part Number/Operation Number combined name, and store data against the Assembly record. Since providing process control is maintained, the data should then be reliable.

Whilst it is still possible to store the Cutting Conditions data against an Item, factors such as the method of holding the cutting tool, and the machine tool to be used, will affect the cutting performance.

A material color code can be assigned to the entry if desired, by selecting the relevant material colour button. (If no colour coding is required, select “No Material Type”). This colour code will be displayed in bar form on the Item and Assembly definition screens. Material type colours available are: Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Hi-Temp Alloy, Hardened Material and Non-ferrous.

Rework #

This section allows the user to define internal or external Rework Departments, which are then available for users to select and associate to new and existing Items from the Item definition screens.

When a new External Rework Department is created ATMS will display a drop-down list with all existing Suppliers previously created under the Suppliers tab. You can then link the External Rework Department to a specific Supplier. This Supplier will be used for the creation of Rework Orders if in use.