P – References – Lists, Colours and Periods

Lists #

ATMS has various “combo” (or “drop-down”) boxes that appear on its screens.

The contents of these combo boxes are controlled by the values defined in the References module.

These combo boxes fall into two categories, those being system dynamic such as Machine Groups, Cost Centres, etc., and relatively static such as units of measure, currency, feed, speed and life, etc. These relatively static lists are controlled from the List tab.

ATMS is installed with some default values for these lists, but the user is able to delete them, add to them, or modify them in any way to customise their application.

Predefined comments or reasons can also be defined in this section. If used in conjunction with the System Configuration flags, users can be forced to pick up one of the predefined comments from the list.

Lists’ maintenance is explained below as it varies slightly from other References values.

Create New List entries #

From the Lists tab, select the List type from the list.

The current entries are visible in the Unit Details list at the bottom. To add a new entry, enter a new category into the “Unit Details” box, and press the “Add” button. Save the changes by pressing the “Save” icon.

Edit List entries #

List entries cannot be edited. If any changes are needed then the corresponding entry needs to be deleted and a new one with the new value needs to be created.

Delete List entries #

From the References screen Lists tab, select the List type from the top list. The current entries are visible in the list at the bottom. Select the entry to be deleted and then click on the “Delete” icon.

Colours #

The Colours tab allows the user to customise their individual installation of ATMS, enabling the title bar and the active box highlight colour to be personalised. The highlight colour is particularly useful since it makes it obvious where the cursor is positioned, and which screen area is currently active.

You may select from the available colours for:

The ATMS title bar background colour.
The ATMS title bar text colour.
The text box highlight colour (this can be useful making it easy to see where your cursor is placed).

You may select any of these options and click the “Adjust” button to modify the colour.

Periods #

Usage of Items within ATMS can be tracked by user defined periods. These periods can be individually defined by the user, or ATMS can define them against user entered criteria.

Periods are referenced on each issue transaction within the transaction log, and hence can be analysed using the SQL script method or export routine from the System Management Export Data option. Periods are also used to track usage against each Item, and this data is graphed and viewable from within Quick Tool.

Generate periods automatically #

For example, to get ATMS to define the periods for the user,

Enter the number of periods required for the year (12, 13, 52 or 53) and the start date required, then press the “Generate” button.

Generate periods manually #

Alternatively, manually enter each period data individually using the period editor.

Editing existing periods #

Once periods have been defined by either method, they can be edited by selecting the relevant period in the list view, and making changes using the buttons at the top of the screen.

These periods are then used by ATMS to track usage of Items, and produce the graphs within the Quick Tool screen.