K – References – Families & Sub Families

Families/Sub-Families #

Define Family and Sub-Family information that will be assigned to Items during the Item definition phase. Alphanumeric or Numeric Labels could be assigned to the Sub-Families.

Once these values are associated to Items in the Item definition screen, useful Graphical Search can be performed from Quick Tool (See relevant section).

Another useful feature is the ability to group Items by Families and/or Sub-Families in several AMTS reports.

Images can also be assigned to Families and Sub-Families from this tab, if desired.

Families and Sub-Families maintenance differs slightly with other References data, so it is explained in detail as follows.

Data Type Classification Guidelines #

When defining the Family and Sub-Families, you also need to specify what type of data will be stored in these labels or geometry fields (alphanumeric characters or pure numeric data).

This will enable ATMS to correctly perform search routines, based on the type of data contained within each field.

Alphanumeric handling would mean that the entry 1500 would appear before and be considered “lower” than the entry 22 for example.

Entries defined as pure numeric would return the “expected” results.

The data type definition is made by the selection, or not, of the “Is Numeric?” tick box. Leave the box as default – no tick present, for alpha characters (text), but click to enter a tick in the box if the field is to contain only numeric values.

Both numbers and characters can be entered in the same geometry value field, providing the alpha (text) option is defined against the label field.

However, users will not be able to perform or expect mathematically correct numeric searches on these fields.

Families can be created in isolation, without specifying Sub-Families. However, to take advantage of the ATMS functionality, we suggest you create Sub-Families for each of the Families. (There may be circumstances where Sub-Families are not required.)

Create Family/Sub-Family entries #

From the Family/Sub-Family tab click the “Edit” button. Click “Add” button at the bottom of the screen or after placing the mouse on FAMILY, click right button and select “Add New Family”. Enter the name of the new Family. If you wish to assign an image to the Family, do so by pressing the “Image” button, and browsing to select the required file.

At this stage, you can save the Family data information by pressing the “Save” icon, but if you intend to create Sub-Families for the Family, proceed to select the related Family and press the “Add” button. Enter the name of the Sub-Family. Using the same method as for the Family definition, you may assign images to the Sub-Family.

For each unique combination of Family and Sub-Family, you can define the labels to be displayed for each of the 25 Geometry Fields. Simply select the first label set as “Undefined” and click “Rename” at the bottom of the screen. Enter a name for that Geometry Field and tick in the “Is Numeric?” box, if it is so. Select the next label field and continue as previously. (Examples of Geometry Fields: Type, Size, Diameter, etc.).

When happy with the Family and Sub-Family data, save the information by pressing the “Save” icon. ATMS confirms the Family and Sub-Family data has been saved.

Copy Family/Sub-Family entries #

It is not currently feasible to copy a full Family and Sub-Family structure, and as such all Families and Sub-Families should be created from scratch.

Edit Family/Sub-Family entries #

From the User definitions screen Family/Sub-Family tab, simply select the family from the Family tree on left-hand side. Make the necessary changes, and save the changes by selecting the disk icon on the left-hand tool bar.

ATMS confirms that the record has been updated. Note, if an image has been previously assigned to the family, it can be removed by pressing the “Image” button at the bottom of the screen and deleting the path.

Remember to save any changes by pressing the “Save” icon at the top of the screen.

Delete Family/Sub-Family entries #

You can delete one or more Sub-Families that belong to certain Family or delete the entire Family at once.

To do this, just select the Family or Sub-Family to be deleted and click the “Delete” icon at the top of the screen.

ATMS will ask for confirmation before deleting the records from the database.