H – References – Buttons

References #

Creation, editing and deletion of all other auxiliary records is performed from the Data Management > References menu.

The definitions are visible from different tabs within the References window. It has been separated into logical sections for ease of use.

The visible tabs for each user will be given by their rights in the ATMS User profile.

The screens are divided into two sections, the upper section displaying a list of all the records available in the database and the lower section that allows the editing of each of those records.

System Configuration Settings Related to References #

System Configuration settings, specific to the References section, that need to be considered.

References, among other things, facilitates the maintenance of data on multiple vending machines. That is why there is an option to “Hide non vending machines fields” in System Configuration under the VENDING MACHINE section.
This option will hide all fields that are ATMS specific and have no use on the vending machines, making vending machines data maintenance easier.

There are other settings that specify if the transfer of data to vending machines will be committed immediately after a record is being saved in ATMS or if it will be done in batch at a later stage.

Those settings are “Transfer Items”, “Transfer Suppliers”, “Transfer Users”, “Transfer User Groups”, “Transfer Jobs”, “Transfer Jobs Groups”, “Transfer Machines”, “Transfer Machines Groups”, “Transfer Kits” and “Transfer Purchase Orders”.

Learn more about these setting in the System Configuration and in the Linking to Vending Machines.

Because Vending Machines users can take advantage of References to maintain their data, there is another option (“References – Use New Style Toolbar Icons”) to enable the new Vending Machine buttons under the APPEARANCE section. You can choose to keep the old style toolbar icons if you prefer.

If you are planning to set up Budget Codes then the PURCHASING > Use Budgets flag needs to be checked, for them to be decremented in the Purchasing process. PURCHASING > Use Login User Budget also needs to be consider.

References Buttons #

Most References records are created and managed in the same way, by use of the following buttons on the top of the References screen:

New Record.
When this button is selected the fields in the lower half of the screen will become available ready for a new record to be created.

Edit Record.
The fields on the lower half of the screen will become available for modification, except for the first field which corresponds to the record key and cannot be changed. Multiple records can be selected by using the SHIFT and CTRL keys.

Save Record.
When all necessary fields are completed or updated use this button to save them.

Copy Record.
Highlight the record that will serve as baseline and press this button. Enter the ID for the new entry, update any remaining fields if necessary and save the new record.

Delete Record.
Highlight the record to be removed and press this button to delete it from the database. Multiple records can be selected for deletion by using the SHIFT and CTRL keys. Database restrictions apply.

Use this button to exit edit mode without saving changes.

Use this button to exit References.

As in other Windows programs, the same actions can be achieved from the menu options, at the top of each tab. Additional information, like Point of Issue assignments, can also be added from the top menu.

A few of the References tabs behave in a slightly different way. These tabs include Families/Sub-Families, Lists, Colours and Periods.