A – Introduction and Prerequisites


The following flowchart shows the multiple combinations that can be achieved using the ATMS Purchasing module. Requisitions and Purchase Orders can be manually or automatically created and belong to one or multiple Points of Issue.

The Figure also shows how the System Administration flag “PO without REQ” can set ATMS to allow Purchase Orders without a previous Requisition. In this case, Users can still create Requisitions and afterwards create the Orders from a Requisition.

Pre-requisites for using the ATMS Purchasing #

Before start working with ATMS Purchasing Menu, there are certain points you need to check.

Check that your Purchasing Parameters, in System Administration, are set accordingly to your company’s goals.

Create your Suppliers in References.

If you are going to print your Purchase Orders by Point of Issue or for the Site, update the relevant details in References/Points of Issue or in References/Sites. These details (e.g. Address) are going to be printed on the Purchase Orders.

Add the Suppliers to your Items (setting a preferred one), including at least one Price and optional data such as: Supplier Item ID, Packet Size, Discount, Minimum Order Size, Lead-Time, etc.

Assign these Items to at least one Point of Issue.

If working with Automatic Ordering, input a Minimum and a Maximum Stock in these Points of Issues.

Requisition and Purchase Order’s Types #

Requisitions (REQ) and Purchase Orders (PO) can be Manual or Automatic; and the System Administration “PO without REQ” flag allows users to create PO without a REQ.

Considering this, there are basically four ways of creating a Purchase Order:

Automatic REQ + Manual PO

Manual REQ + Manual PO

No REQ + Automatic PO

No REQ + Manual PO

If your “PO without REQ” is off then you can create a PO using one of the first two options. If it’s on (checkbox ticked) then you can use any option.

In both cases, combination of options can be used at all times.

For example, a company can create the PO automatically every day, but allow users to ask for specific Items creating Requisitions manually and approving them as a Manual PO later.