B – Initial Access

Table of Contents

Initial Access #

Double click the shortcut on the desktop (if it has been created), or select ATMS from the Start Programs menu on the taskbar. Figure 1 is shown.

Enter the UserID and press <tab> or <enter> and then the Password and press <enter>. Please note that Passwords are case sensitive.

You are now logged in to your default (and potentially only) POI.

If your user profile facilitates access to more than one POI, and the desired POI is not your default, then select the correct POI from the “combo” box on the bottom of the main menu. This is accessible only after logging in.

You can now select from the activities (indicated by the icons on the left-hand side of the form).
These activities are: The Quick Tool screen

Stores Management

Inspection Management (if available)


Management reports

Data management

System administration.

The activity for each button is indicated by pop-up screen tips messages, which appear if you rest the mouse cursor over any of the buttons.