D – Goods receiving and Returning

Goods Receiving and Returning #

Receive Items from Supplier #

Goods Receiving is achieved from the Stores Management Menu.

This is the point at which Items are acknowledged as being available in the stores, and fit for purpose.

Furthermore, some company auditors insist that persons responsible for the creation of orders do not have access to receive goods and trigger supplier payment. ATMS supports this policy, and the individuals can only have access to the relevant menu (or menu option).

Follow the following steps to receive Items:

From the Stores Management Menu, click on the “Receive Items” icon.
Select the PO Number to receive and press the “Go” button.
From screen on Figure 86 type in a Goods Receive Note (GRN) Number or leave it blank and ATMS will create one for you.
Optionally, you can type in GRN Details such as Packing Note Number and the name of the person who is accepting the Items (Accepted By).
You will be presented with a list containing al the Items that belong to the Purchase Order you selected, which still have all or some quantity to be received.

By default ATMS assumes you are going to receive all, that is:
Receive Now = Qty New – Qty Received.
You can click on the “Receive None” button at the bottom to set al Receive Now to zero or alternatively on “Receive All” to restore the quantities.

Click on the button on your right-hand side if you still need to manually modify the quantity of certain Item and/or if you need to allocate the quantity to different Points of Issue.

The Points of Issue available here for each Item are the ones you find on the Location screen (for the same Item.

Double-click on any of the POI lines in order to update the allocated quantity.
Alternatively, just type in the desired quantity.

Once you have pressed “Go” ATMS will ask you if you want to close the Purchase Order. Say “No” if you think you are still going to receive more Items from that PO.
If you have said “No” then ATMS will ask if you want to close the completed PO lines.

Finally, print the GRN if you wish.

Return Items to Supplier #

Click on “Return to Supplier” from the “Stores Management Menu”. You will be presented with a list. This list contains all the Goods Receive Notes you can return to Suppliers.

Select the GRN that includes the Item or Items to be returned.

From the list of the following screen, double-click on a line or click on the right-hand side button to edit the quantities.

The contents of the list can be sorted by clicking on the column label. Clicking on one already selected reverses the search order.

Type in a RMN Number and/or a Comment in the boxes available at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, print the RMN if you wish.

ATMS will reduce the quantity to be returned from the Point of Issue where originally the GRN selected received the quantity.