E – Email Configuration

Table of Contents

Email Config #

In order to be able to send electronic Orders to Suppliers and/or to email Reports, you first need to set up email Templates using the Email Config utility (Figure 19).

General Settings provides the sender’s information, in this case the company’s settings. Specify here the STMP Server Address, From Address and Description (information that the addressee is going to see and at the same time, Reply Address); and Dialup connection (if required). If you are unsure of any of these details please contact your IT administrator for assistance. Once the details are completed click “Save”.

Click “New” to create a new template and input Name, To Address, To Description and CC Addresses. Once saved, the Template is listed in Existing Templates.

Select Templates from Existing Templates, and click “Edit” to update information or “Remove” to delete it from the list. If you are editing the record, change the details under the “Template Settings” section and click “OK” to confirm changes.

TIP: Use the Test button to send a test email and check that the settings are correct. The addressee will receive an email with Subject: “Test email to confirm ATMS ordering settings” and “Test…” as content. Check that the email has been received.

Unlocking ATMS #

ATMS versions could have an expiration date. If you have reached that date, and because of this you are not able to run ATMS, contact Technical Support and inform them of your Code Number and Computer Number.

Unlock Codes 1 and 2 will be provided, and the system will be unlocked.