C – Database Administration

Database Administration #

Through this module the administrator will be able to perform database administrations tasks, some of which may not apply when ATMS is using a database other than Access. Some of these functions will also require an exclusive lock on the ATMS database.

Database administration tasks include:

Database maintenance

Locked records

Active users

Multiple updates

Database Maintenance
At the bottom of this screen it is possible to see which Database version is currently running.

Database Checks
Various check and repair routines are supplied with ATMS and are accessible from the Database administration menu.

If you suspect problems or inconsistencies with your data, we recommend you seek the advice of GRANMAX INFO LTD Technical Support, who may well ask you to run one or more of these routines.

Database Maintenance #

Compact Database

Periodically, and after imports, or major database activity, it is recommended that the database is compacted. This will help keep the database file itself as small as possible, and speed up database activities.

This operation should only be attempted when no other users are logged into ATMS.

This operation may take some time, depending on the size of the database, and any machine / network implications. ATMS will return the message “Database compact was successful”.

Purge Tables

Various purges can be made from this feature in order to keep ATMS free of useless or old information, as seen in Figure 11.

This utility will delete all selected records from the Database.

The selection of Requisitions, Purchase Orders or Goods Received Notes (GRNs) to be deleted can be made by filtering by Date or by Date and Supplier, as seen in the following screen.

Note that Purchase Orders with Items on GRNs cannot be deleted. Respective GRNs must be purged before, if necessary.

In order to purge Transactions, filtering can be made by Date or by Date and Transaction description, as it can be seen in Figure 14.

Be sure that a Database backup is made before performing any of these purges, as records are deleted and cannot be recovered without a backup.

Locked records

ATMS uses full record locking to preserve data integrity. It may be necessary periodically, to clear all existing locks should hardware or network errors occur, or if your Windows environment crashes.

All users of ATMS must be logged off the system prior to running this utility.

Click the “Refresh” button to update the information on this screen.

In the unlikely event that lock errors are still encountered, then contact GRANMAX INFO LTD Technical support.

Active Users

Administrators can control the Active Users using this screen. Users can be removed, when it is necessary (e.g. to run a script or make a backup). Click the “Refresh” button to update the information on the screen.

Multiple Updates

Use this application to apply changes of ownership and/or tracking rules after changing them in System Administration.

User the remove tracking rules to undo the changes.

When “Apply changes of ownership” is updated, after ticking “Use backup stock as owned” in System Administration (see relevant section), the user could apply these changes using certain filters. These filters are Point of Issue, Item Types and Preferred Supplier.