A – ATMS Buttons

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Use the Data Management Menu to create, update or delete Items, Assemblies, Kits, Kit Lists, ITI’s and all other auxiliary records grouped under References.

ATMS Buttons #

Following are the buttons you will find on your left-hand side of the Data Management screens. Some of these buttons can be found in other sections of the system.

Save      Saves a new record or records changes into the database.

Edit        Edits and existing record for modification.

Cancel   Changes Cancels the action without saving any data into the database.

Copy      Copies the details of one record into a new ID.

Delete    Deletes a record from the database.

References         Shortcut to References.

Search  Shortcut to the search utility.

Help       Shortcut to the ATMS help.

View text file     Shows text file using an external viewer.

View graphic file               Shows graphic file using an external viewer.

Numbering sequence    Generates next number in numbering sequence.

Use this section as reference while reading the Database Maintenance section.