The ATMS Dashboard

ATMS has a very useful dashboard that is populated with all the information required to quickly gain a snapshot of vital stores and management data, providing the user with a quick and easy way to proactively manage and gain complete visibility over all stores and tooling items.
  • Snapshot of stores data
  • Customisable field’s
  • Full reporting by location
  • Ordering by POI

ATMS Mobile

ATMS Mobile Tool Management is ATMS on a handheld device, making the management of items seamless, no matter the location or size of a facility.

ATMS Self-Service

ATMS Self-Service is an easy way for shop floor users to issue and return items with minimal knowledge or training of the system.

Vending Machine Consolidation Control

Regardless of where the stores or items are located, either in remote locations or multiple vending machines out on the shop floor, ATMS will consolidate all this information and provide a centralised way of managing and reporting on this information.
  • Consolidates usage information from multiple, unlimited vending machines
  • Consolidated reporting for all vending machines
  • Easy location find information
  • Complete visibility over all items, no matter where they may be located, stored or issued from

ATMS Interface Integration

ATMS has a number of standard and bespoke interfaces to compliment the different types of hardware your tool store may have. These include interfaces for:
  • Zoller Pre-set Machines
  • Kelch Pre-set Machines
  • Evoset Pre-set Machines
  • Kardex Carousels
  • Balluff (Inductive Chip Technology)